Surfacing Work Complete at Charles Cross Plymouth

Roadform has been proud to support the recent renovation works with Balfour Beatty undertaken by the Charles Cross Transport Improvement Scheme in Plymouth. As with similar opportunities in the South West, we were given the surfacing contract, an important role which we have been working through the night on to ensure that everything is completed on time, to our usual high standards, and in the best interests of the city.

In attempts to improve traffic flow and safety for pedestrians around the Charles Cross Roundabout, the local government has dedicated £7.4 million to a scheme redesigning roads, crossings and bus routes in the area. We at Roadform have been in charge of surfacing roads old and new in order to accommodate more traffic and reduce queuing times. This involves an entirely new lane for southbound traffic, and widening of existing lanes to support a heavy flow of steady traffic.

The works, which are now almost completed, also involve the reorganisation of bus stops to better support routes, filling in a subway and improving surface-level crossings as a supplement, and the improvement of other crossings in place of a traffic island which has been removed. All changes and additions are included to serve both road traffic and pedestrians, ensuring the safety of all in the area.

The Charles Cross Church remains untouched in the middle of the roundabout, continuing on as a monument to all who lost their lives in Plymouth in the Second World War.

The roundabout is a key junction in Plymouth’s transport system, handling high levels of vehicular traffic including pedestrians and bus routes, meaning our work must be done efficiently and effectively in order to finish by Christmas.

If you’d like some more information, contact the Roadform office at, or give us a call on 01626 331564.